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Scumbag Again Vultures offers a short, hard-hitting slice of sonic violence and I'm (perhaps perversely or sadistically) happy to admit that it's a helluva lotta fun to listen to!

I dunno how to accurately choose a favourite track as such so I pick the EP opener for simplicity's sake. Favorite track: Hypocrisy.
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released October 24, 2014

Recorded by Aaron Carter at Bitwork Sound
Mixed and Mastered by Alan "Dr.Alien" Smith at Bergerk! Studios
Artwork by Toninegh Jayne



all rights reserved


Vultures Perth, Australia

We are a heavy hardcore/beatdown band from Perth, Western Australia.

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Track Name: Hypocrisy
This world is a fucking graveyard, we are all doomed.
Trying to escape this place, there’s no fucking use.
Take a look at yourself, and what you've become.
Have a seat and watch this world burn...
To the ground!

You're a fucking hypocrite.
Don’t you dare forget it.
Track Name: New Trends
I can see you changing.
Getting different every day.
Turning into something you're not.
Lying to yourself.

Fuck these god damn fads.
A new trend a fucking day.
This is not who you are.
But I don't have a fucking say.

I can see the changes.
I don't like what you’ve become.

Will I ever, will i ever,
Will i ever know the real you again?

You change every fucking day!

You change in front of me, every fucking day.
You’re not an individual anymore.
You’re not even close.
How can you live like that?
Track Name: Following (Ft. Shaun Griffiths of Vanity)
Your life, is not your own.
False idols, no way to grow.
This fucking following, is all you know.
It's all in your head, no reality.
Not your own.

Following, you're a fucking sheep.
You’re fake, you lie. We don’t care.
One day you'll wake up and realise.
That it's all in you’re fucking head.

It's all decrepit
You were just easily force fed
And hypnotized to believe all the lies
Lost in the flow

You're just another sheep, following words
You're just a fucking sheep, clung to the herd

Give up, you will accomplish nothing.
It's in your head, no fucking reality.
That life you want, won't come to you, that easily.
That fucking life you want.
Track Name: Power/Control
You fucked us over, one too many times now.
It’s time to leave.

Two years gone to shit.
Turns out you’re a hypocrite.
Deceiving, Lying, Worthless pig.
You’re two faced, you know it.

You will burn in fucking hell.
You will burn in hell.

Scum like you,
Infest the streets.
Devour the weak.
Destroy the poor.

Scum like you,
Infest the streets.
You’re fucking weak
Track Name: Counterfeit (Ft. Kyle Soulsby of Ruthless)
Hiding behind this false perception of who you think you are
You're a fucking puppet, strings pulled from a far!

You hide behind the fucking charade but you can't even face the pain
You don't know the real you!
You've been out for so long.
I fucking hate people like you, surrounded by lies.

We all know the real you!
It's not the person I see
You've become what you hate
Now we're gone, it's too fucking late!

You're fake!
And everyone can see it!
You're fake!
And everyone can see it!

You changed so quick and i couldn't see
That you're gone and never coming back to me
You changed so fucking quick.
You're not coming back to me!

The real you is fucking gone.
Track Name: Suffer
You will fucking drown,
in the shit that you spit.
All the crimes you commit.
All the hate you permit.

Reflect on yourself.
Is your suffering your own fault?
Well, of course it is.
You do not exalt above the rest of us.

You will just fucking suffer.
You will just fucking suffer.
You will just suffer.

Egotistical, Selfish, Smug.
Narcissistic, Self-Absorbed.

You will know pain,
You will know suffering.

Egotistical, Selfish, Smug,
Narcissistic, Self-Absorbed.

You will fucking suffer.
There’s nothing you can do.
An inevitable death.
Is coming for you.

Suffer, it’s your fault.
Suffer in fucking hell.

You will suffer in hell.
Suffer in hell.
Track Name: Your Life
It’s the end of your life.
All you did was suffer.
What are you gonna do?
No one can save you.

It's the end of your fucking life.
All you did was suffer.